About Groopy Israel

Welcome to Groopy

Groopy is the biggest cycling community in Israel , with about 40,000 members.
Members are mainly cross country, free ride ,down hill and road riders.

Registration to Groopy is free and members can access all the options which the site provides .

Groopy's site serves several purposes:

1) Cycling trips: Trips are posted and open for members to sign up.
Most are organized and led by Groopy members and are free of charge, while a small number are advertised by commercial groups and are charged.
Each trip is rated according to distance and level of difficulty .

2) Forums for exchange of useful information (technical, consumer issues, etc) and social purposes (fun, jokes).

3) Groopy Shop: group purchases of biking accessories at reduced rates.

4) Listings for purchase/sale of used bicycles and accessories.

5) Galleries for uploading photos

6) Recommended bike trails and links to other sites.

Through this English link we hope to open a dialogue with cyclists from all over the world and exchange information and assistance.
also - If you have cycling events at your country or if you are willing to guide us (individuals or groups) please let us know, maybe we can work out something together.

NEW - now days Groopy is going world wide with Groopy.com beta site !!!
if you are outside Israel , please register to
groopy.com and help us spread the word ..
ask friends to join , upload picturs , and open ride trips in your area !

If you plan to visit Israel (touring, studying or working) and are considering some cycling activities don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.
Just mail us to
info@groopy.co.il and he will direct you to one of us for assistance (on a voluntary basis, free of charge or of any commercial interest):

You could join a cycling trip with one of our groups.
You can get to know local Israelis by joining one of our urban "after work" cycling / drinking sessions.
We can provide you with useful tips regarding local cycling and weather conditions .
We would be willing to assist also with "non cycling" issues.

Israel provides a vast variety of climates and landscapes, allowing one to bike in the deserts, mountains, plains, forests or along the sea coast.
Take a virtual tour through our galleries and enjoy the scenes.

Galleries from Israel:

Desert trails in the Negev
The Negev (meaning "south" in Hebrew) offers beautiful landscapes of rocks, canyons, craters , even waterfalls and interesting archeological and geological sites.
Summers are very hot and dry during daytime and cold at night.
Best seasons for cycling are autumn, spring and winter (average annual rain of 25mm during winter only).

pictures from dead sea